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    Contract Template

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    Contract Template

    Post by Vince McMahon on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:35 pm



    Name: The ring name of your wrestler
    Real Name: Your wrestler's real name
    Nickname: The nickname or alias of your wrestler
    Hometown: Where your wrestler is from
    Height: Your wrestler's height
    Weight: Your wrestler's weight

    Gimmick: A description of your wrestler's gimmick.


    Standard Moves: (maximum of 10)

    • Move 1
    • Move 2
    • Move 3
    • Move 4
    • Move 5
    • Move 6
    • Move 7
    • Move 8
    • Move 9
    • Move 10

    Signature Moves: (maximum of 3)

    • Signature Move 1
    • Signature Move 2
    • Signature Move 3

    Finishing Moves: (maximum of 2)

    • Finishing Move 1
    • Finishing Move 2

    Handler's Name: Your name, or what you'd like to be called
    Handler's Age: Your age
    Handler's Location: Where you're from
    RPing Experience: How long have you been RPing?

    Click to reveal code:


    [img]Picture of your wrestler[/img]
    [size=24][b][font=courier new]WRESTLER'S NAME[color=#FF0000]CONTRACT[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center]

    [center][b][size=24][font=Courier New]BASIC[color=#FF0000]INFO[/color][/font][/size][/b][/center]

    [b]Name:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Real Name:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Nickname:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Hometown:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Height:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Weight:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]

    [b]Gimmick:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]

    [center][size=24][b][font=Courier New]MOVE[color=#FF0000]SET[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center]

    [b]Standard Moves:[/b] (maximum of 10)
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 1[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 2[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 3[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 4[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 5[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 6[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 7[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 8[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 9[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Move 10[/font]

    [b]Signature Moves:[/b] (maximum of 3)
    [*][font=Courier New]Signature Move 1[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Signature Move 2[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Signature Move 3[/font]

    [b]Finishing Moves:[/b] (maximum of 2)
    [*][font=Courier New]Finishing Move 1[/font]
    [*][font=Courier New]Finishing Move 2[/font]

    [center][size=24][font=Courier New][b]LET'S GET TO KNOW[color=#FF0000]YOU[/color][/b][/font][/size]
    [b]Handler's Name:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Handler's Age:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]Handler's Location:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]
    [b]RPing Experience:[/b] [font=Courier New][/font]

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