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    NGPW: The Story

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    NGPW: The Story

    Post by Vince McMahon on Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:49 pm


    Article by Peter Ortiz

    The world of professional wrestling was turned on it's head today as Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO, announced that him and his family, along with close executive friends will be embarking on a brand new pro wrestling federation, Next Gen Pro Wrestling, or NGPW for short.

    With the large fanbase WWE, and pro wrestling in general for that matter, has collected over the years, this announcement didn't go unheard. The top sports and entertainment reporters were present for the press conference where NGPW was announced. Stephanie McMahon opened the press conference sans the McMahon family, speaking on the greatest wrestling stars of all time and how fans have longed for dream matches between legends of generations passed and the up and comers of today's generation and those dreams will be becoming a truer reality than some may suspect.

    A face wrestling fans have not seen in some time, Shane McMahon, who had spent his last few years running and investing in companies in Asia, took to the podium to announce his resurgence back into the pro wrestling business as one of the behind the scenes authority figures alongside his father and sister in NGPW. Shane continued on from his sister, talking about personal experiences when he watched through the gorilla position, watching some of his favourite dream matches that had gotten to see happen in the squared circle, spawning from the invasion in the early 2000's.

    Vince McMahon soon appeared on the stage, accompanied by his lovely wife, Linda McMahon. The long time couple and wrestling juggernauts were met with a standing ovation for their contributions to pro wrestling over their tenure running World Wrestling Entertainment arm in arm. Vince then officially announced NGPW as a company and a massive step forward in pro wrestling, sports and entertainment history.

    "Over the years there have been many generations in wrestling, highlighted by many unforgettable stars who have paved the way for today's biggest stars," said McMahon. "Today is the birth of a new generation, the next generation, the definitive generation in pro wrestling."

    Linda gave an outline of the type of material we could very well see in NGPW. Her list featured possible contests like Sting vs Undertaker, Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle and Luke Harper vs Bruiser Brody.

    Daniel Bryan joined the stage, pumping up the attendants with a resounding yes chant before speaking on his excitement of being a part of this huge development and being able to wrestle his heroes like Bret "Hitman" Hart and Jake "The Snake" Roberts for not only the fan's enjoyment, but for his own as well.

    "There's nothing more important to me than wrestling, and I know a lot of the fans share that same philosophy that I do. It's my everything. But now it's so much more. It's truly the best thing to happen to pro wrestling in years!"

    Arguably the biggest star in wrestling today, John Cena, made his say to close the press conference. Cena appeared holding one of the new NGPW t-shirts before throwing it to a lucky fan attending the press conference.

    "I cannot wait for NGPW to blow up Monday nights with Monday Night MADNESS!. I truly hope to be a part of this revolution. And I hope a certain someone happens to be in the same place I am at some point, brother."

    No clue there at all, huh?

    Vince, Linda, Stephanie, Bryan and Cena raised their hands before the reporters and fans as music played over speakers. After the representatives left the stage, there was a standing ovation for nearly five minutes afterwards.

    Next Gen Pro Wrestling is expected to officially launch in the very near future, we here at Wrestling News and Rumors will keep you posted on any new updates regarding the newest addition to pro wrestling, NGPW!

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