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    *** RULES | PLEASE READ ***

    Vince McMahon

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    *** RULES | PLEASE READ ***

    Post by Vince McMahon on Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:55 pm

    We here at Next Gen Pro Wrestling want YOU to have the best time possible. I, Vince McMahon (Jon), believe heavily in fairness and fun and I hope to accomplish the best experience by taking everything with a laid back attitude. But besides that, there needs to be a set amount of rules every member needs to abide by.

    Once again, I'm pretty laid back and don't want to enforce these rules too heavily on my RPers. These are just some guidelines for you, the members of NGPW, to get the most out of your experience here, and isn't that what we're all here for, anyway?

    * * *

    Swearing, as far as RPs, is prohibited. We don't mind the occasional swear here and there, but please don't be to excessive with it, if you can. Certain words are acceptable, the ones you mostly hear on WWE or TNA television are a-okay by me. Anywhere else on the board, feel free to let loose!

    Please abstain from including any sexual content in your RPs, whether it be descriptive text, graphics, or videos. Pornography will result in an immediate ban. We want to have a minor-friendly environment here at NGPW, and it would be unfair to anyone who is offended easily by such content.

    Racism in any form whatsoever will also result in an immediate ban. Using racial slurs of any sort in a post, whether it is in character or not, will NOT be tolerated. Some users may be sensitive more than others and we need to respect not only them as a person, but their views as well. These things start flame wars and doesn’t only make you look bad, but us, the staff, look bad in some light as well.

    Using other RPer's characters is fine by me, but please notify the handler of that character beforehand, especially if you intend to feature a physical altercation. Try and add an OOC (out of character) message at the bottom or end of your RP to notify staff that you did indeed receive confirmation from that user.

    NGPW runs with a 1.5k (1500) word limit on any edition of Monday Night MADNESS!, unless stated otherwise. Pay-Per-View events and championship matches will have a word limit of anywhere from 2k (2000) to 2.5k (2500). All information regarding word limits will be featured on the cards.

    Regular match - 500-1000
    Title match (MADNESS!) - 1000-2000
    PPV match - 1000-2000
    Title match (PPV) - 1000-2500

    Everyone on NGPW is more than welcome to handle more than one character. We require you to have at least competed in five contests before requesting a second charrie. This is only required once, though. Once you complete five matches, feel free to add as many characters as you like to your resume.

    Please make separate accounts for your superstars. Anyone is welcomed to switch characters at any time with administrative permission.

    RPs will be judged with most likely what you are used to with any other E-Fed. Grammar, punctuation, ease of reading, story development and overall theme will be what will aid you through to a possible win. QUALITY is much more important to us than QUANTITY. A 1000 word mind-blowing RP could very well top a 1500 poorly written RP.

    No-showing is something that needs to be brought into light. No-showing with a legitimate excuse would be passable. No-shows will be added to pre-show or house show matches. Just by RPing for that match, win or lose, will win the no-shower his/her spot back onto MADNESS!

    I believe in the 3 strikes rule. If you no-show on MADNESS! You have two chances to redeem yourself in pre-show or house show matches. If you fail to RP, your account will be deleted and your character will be up for grabs.

    NOTE: This is per-character. If you have two characters and no show three times with only one, you can keep your character which you have been persistent with.  pirat 

    YES! We are Chris Benoit friendly!

    HAVE FUN! That's what we are here for. Again, we're all about being laid back and having a good time.

    The best of luck from us here at Next Gen~!

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